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Now known as the "Kincaid - Anderson House," this residence was built by Captain James Kincaid (1754-1801) on land he first acquired in 1775.  Captain Kincaid was a noted Whig partisan leader who served under both Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter.

Captain Kincaid is said to have developed a very early version of a working cotton gin.  Local legend indicates that Eli Whitney may have obtained the idea for his cotton gin from seeing Kincaid's gin in action.  Whitney quickly patented his version of the gin, something that Kincaid never did, and thus Whitney gained all the fame for the invention of the machine that revolutionized agriculture in the Deep South!  What is known for certain is that Whitney patented his gin in 1794 and that Kincaid, at least as early as 1795, already had a working saw gin at his grist mill on Mill Creek in Fairfield County SC. 

Furthermore, Kincaid is also well known for his introduction of the tomato to Americans as a useful foodstuff - the tomato having heretofore been commonly regarded as poisonous to humans!


Historical Marker Sign for the Kincaid - Anderson House.


The Kincaid - Anderson House.


Entrance gate to the Kincaid - Anderson estate.


Section of the stone wall that surrounds the Kincaid - Anderson estate.


Stone House on the Kincaid - Anderson estate - probably the caretaker's residence.

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