Beckham's Old Fields Battle Site

The site of the Beckham's Old Fields Battle, also known as the Alexander's Old Fields Battle or the Battle of Beckhamville, is located in Chester County SC near the intersection of SC 97 and SC 99.  The term "Old Fields" refers to large prairies or open fields that already existed when the White settlers first arrived.  Presumably these fields were created by Native Americans when they burned large areas of forests when hunting herds of wild game.

The exact date of the Beckham's Old Fields Battle is not known, but it took place in either late May or early June 1780.  The battle occurred when a Whig force led by Captain John McClure, attacked a larger, 200-man, Tory group camped at this site.  The Tories were busy administering new oaths of loyalty to the King to the local residents.  They were surprised by McClure's attack and were easily scattered.  The victory, though small, came just after the Fall of Charleston to the British and greatly raised Whig morale in the area.


State Historical Marker Sign - note that some of information on this sign is at variance with that provided by the nearby granite DAR Marker.


Granite DAR Marker - note that some of the information on this marker differs from that provided by the nearby State of South Carolina Marker.


View of the battle site - photo was taken from the vantage point of the DAR Marker.

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