Colonel Thomas Fletchall's Plantation Site

Colonel Thomas Fletchall was a noted Tory leader from the Ninety-Six District.  He played a major role in the Revolutionary War events of 1775, in the Backcountry of South Carolina.  His principal plantation was located along Fairforest Creek, in modern-day Union County SC.  The site of Fletchall's residence is on a hill overlooking the point where SC 49 crosses Fairforest Creek.  

During the War, the Whig partisan, Thomas Sumter, in accordance with "Sumter's Law," gave the plantation to one of his senior officers, Colonel Thomas Brandon.  However, the policy underlying "Sumter's Law" was invalidated by the South Carolina State Legislature.

After the Revolutionary War, Fletchall's property was confiscated by the State of South Carolina and put up for public auction.  Not surprisingly, it was Whig Colonel Thomas Brandon who acquired the Fairforest plantation at the auction.  It is said that Brandon acquired the plantation at its minimum asking value; no one would or dared bid against him!  Brandon used this plantation as his principal residence until his death in 1802.

In the 1920's the Nicholson Mansion was built on this site.  In recent years, the mansion has been acquired by Conso and is currently being used as a Corporate Conference Center.


View of the bridge where SC 49 crosses Fairforest Creek.


View of Fairforest Creek from the SC 49 Bridge.


The old Nicholson Mansion at 2403 Cross Keys Highway stands on the site of Fletchall's plantation house; the mansion is now the Conso Conference Center.


Photo of the Conso Conference Center, which is located on the exact site of Colonel Thomas Fletchall's plantation house.

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