Musgrove's Mill Battle Site

The Battle of Musgrove's Mill was fought at the mill site on the southern side of Enoree River on 18 August 1780.  The modern-day location of the mill is where SC 56 crosses the Enoree River.  In the battle, American forces led by Colonel Isaac Shelby surprised and routed a large group of Tories and British regulars.  Historians consider the battle significant because it was one of the few times that American militia were able to defeat British regulars.


Inscription on Musgrove's Mill Battle Marker.


The granite marker at the site of the Musgrove's Mill Battle is on the roadside of SC 56, almost hidden among the dense foliage.


The battle site is on the border between Union and Laurens Counties - on the Laurens side of the Enoree River.  Photo is of the bridge over the Enoree, taken from the Laurens side of the river.


Downstream view of the Enoree River taken from the SC 56 bridge.

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