Wofford's Iron Works

The site of Wofford's Iron Works is where SSR30 crosses Lawson's Fork Creek in the modern-day town of Glendale.  These Iron Works were owned by Colonel William Wofford and went into operation in 1773.  At that time, it was the only ironworks in South Carolina.  Subsequently, Hill's Ironworks on Allison Creek SC also went into production.  During the Revolution, the Tories made several attempts to put the Works out of operation.  On 08 August 1780, a thousand man Whig army, commanded by Isaac Shelby et al., skirmished with a Loyalist force led by Major Patrick Ferguson.  After two failed assaults by the Loyalists on the Whig positions around the Iron Works, the Loyalist troops withdrew.  The Wofford Iron Works continued to operate in support of the Whig Cause until destroyed by Tory forces commanded by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham in 1781.

Most members of the Wofford family supported the Whig cause; however, one son of Colonel William Wofford, Absalom Wofford was a Loyalist soldier stationed at the Star Fort at Ninety-Six when it was besieged by the Americans in May-June 1781.

A brother of Colonel William, Benjamin Wofford of Tyger River, was a supporter of the King throughout the Revolution.  His estate was confiscated, but he refused to leave South Carolina.  After the Revolution, he resided in Spartanburg County SC and was listed in the 1790 Federal Census.

Another brother of Colonel William Wofford, who did support the Whig cause, was Joseph Wofford.  Joseph served as a Captain in the Whig militia commanded by Colonel Roebuck.  However, Joseph had apparently been a friend of the Tory leader, John Mayfield, before the Revolution.  Joseph had acted as Mayfield's agent in filing the tax memorial in Charleston for Mayfield's 100-acre tract of land that he had patented on Broad River in February 1768.


Historical marker at the roadside of SSR30, near the site of Wofford's Iron Works.


Photograph of area near the historical marker - in the direction toward nearby Lawson's Fork Creek.


View upstream from Lawson's Fork Creek from the bridge where SSR30 crosses the creek.

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