Agnes of Glasgow Grave Site

By Phil norfleet

Although not buried in the Quaker Burying Ground, the famous grave of Agnes of Glasgow is located just a couple of hundred yards down the road from this Quaker cemetery, just to the rear of the Camden War Memorial.  Many legends are associated with Agnes, but none that can be historically verified.


War Memorial on Meeting Street in the town of Camden.


Gravesite of Agnes of Glasgow, located in the rear of the Camden Revolutionary War Memorial.


This inscription over the gravesite of Agnes of Glasgow is in error re King Haigler.  He was a chief of the Catawba Nation (from 1750-1763); however, Haigler was slain on 30 August 1763, by a raiding party of Shawnees as he journeyed from the Waxhaws Settlement on Cane Creek to a Catawba town on Twelve Mile Creek. Thus he died 17 years before Agnes ever arrived on American shores!

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